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ELITE has been instrumental in helping our Practice not only navigate the challenges that come with new ownership but also to help mitigate potential issues that may arise as a result. Specifically, their comprehensive analysis and education of the Practice’s strengths and weaknesses were a solid starting point.

DA Lead

San Diego, CA

"If you are looking for a way to increase Practice organization, cohesiveness, and productivity, look no further than ELITE. Their level of professionalism, knowledge, and technology driven solutions are an invaluable asset to any Practice."

OMS Practice

San Diego, CA

"As a new employee who was also new to the dental field as a whole, it made for an interesting combination with the doctor who was a new owner. Coming in to a stressful environment that included clashing personalities, antiquated systems, and a general “newness” made for quite the challenge. ELITE addressed many of these issues and others, to include implementation of better working systems, policies and procedures. As a result, stressors at the Practice have been reduced and synergy has been increased."


Orange County, CA

"At the End Of Day close out meeting with the auditor from Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Centers (AAAHC) his opening comment said it all: "The best thing you have done was to bring this company, ELITE, into your Practice."